Ownza does Earth Day

In honor of this little green (and blue) planet of ours, we thought we’d share some top picks for Earth Day.

1. Nothing says Earth Day like a living, breathing tree. We recommend you go Bonsai like Mr. Miyagi, and what could be easier than ordering one on Amazon!

2. When you’re done getting your hands dirty trimming your little tree, wash up with some Nature’s Gate organic hand soap:

3. Don’t let things get unruly on Earth Day–go mow your lawn! But make sure your trimmer is electric, like this great mower from Greenworks:

4. We love flowers! But they die. And on Earth day, we celebrate life! (and the world naked bike ride). So go get yourself the flower that keeps giving! Until you kill it. For the orchid is a fickle beast:

5. We don’t love the Earth this much, but some of you Ownz’ers apparently do: make your own backyard compost heap, with the help of these creepy crawlers. According to Amazon (what don’t they sell!?), these worms are just like Mikey: “They’ll eat almost anything organic:”


About Ownza

Ownza gives you exclusive deals, based on the stuff you like. Add the things you own and want to unlock discounts; the more you add, the better the deals. Ownza also allows you to see what other people, including your friends, own and want. Browse neat finds, and follow people whose taste you like.
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