Game On!

Ever wonder just how on-point your trendsetting skills are? On ShopSquad, you score points when others own or want stuff you added first. For every 10 points you earn, you bump yourself up 1 level.

We redid our leaderboard, so now you can see exactly where you stand compared to the cool kids. You can (obsessively) monitor your own ranking, jump to the top 10, or filter by friends.

Get on it, and flex your awesome-spotting skills here. Is your stuff looking a little lonely? Loop in your friends here.


About Ownza

Ownza gives you exclusive deals, based on the stuff you like. Add the things you own and want to unlock discounts; the more you add, the better the deals. Ownza also allows you to see what other people, including your friends, own and want. Browse neat finds, and follow people whose taste you like.
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