Putting the “nom” in Monday: David’s Cookies giveaway

Cookies are truly the most versatile dessert; more agile than cakes and pies, less fussy than cupcakes, less melty than ice cream. For our latest giveaway, we’re dropping incredible gooey gourmet goodness on you, courtesy of David’s Cookies.

feel your resolve crumbling, like so many delicious, buttery... crumbs.

Every time you ShopTag David’s Cookies this week and share the links via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, you’ll be entered to win a 1-lb tin of chewy, fresh-baked delights. Flavors include chocolate chunk, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, macadamia white chip, cherry white chip, and double chocolate chunk. Fifteen lucky ShopSquad advisors will be snacking sweet in September, and the five winners with the most ShopTag clicks get a special surprise!

Contest runs Monday, Aug. 29 through Friday, Sept. 2, noon PST.

Step 1. Visit David’s Cookies. Ogle their selection. Delicately wipe drool from keyboard.

Step 2. ShopTag your favorite dessert on the site.

Step 3. Share your ShopTag via Twitter, Facebook, your blog, etc., proclaiming your love of sugary delights. Don’t know what to write? No problem! Here are some prompts off the top of our heads:

If I could only have one cookie flavor the rest of my life…

The absolute best drink to pair with cookies is…

If I had to choose between a raft made of cookies and a sweater made of cookies…

Rinse and repeat as often as you’d like. Happy cookie-spotting! And as a bonus, here’s a video mashup of Cookie Monster singing Tom Waits:




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