3 Insanely Functional Gifts for Graduation Day

Leis wither. Flowers die. Here are several gifts that your soon-to-be grad will keep long after they’ve been ushered out of the stadium.


A must for outdoor ceremonies. These Gucci Unisex Aviator Sunglasses are useful for shielding your grad’s eyes after a night of cataclysmic partying or cathartic sobbing. The recipient can also discreetly catch a quick snooze while 9,000 other classmates are tromping across the stage to collect their $100,000 pieces of paper. Come to think of it, you should probably snag a pair for yourself, too.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Holster

We wouldn’t actually suggest swigging beer during commencement, if only because these events can be terribly dehydrating. Water bottles are usually complimentary during graduations, so this Red Envelope Beer Holster leaves your grad’s hands free for bouquets and beach balls and diplomas and whatnot. Plus, if you’re worried about aesthetics, those voluminous polyester robes can hide, like, anything.

Instant-Film Camera

For the actual procession and ceremony, you want high-quality digital. Instant cameras are no good for capturing large crowds or taking a flurry of photos. However, Polaroids (sorry, “INSTAX Fuji film prints“) provide the perfect mix of ready-made nostalgia and intimacy for the after-party, when grads bid adieu to their friends and the warm cocoon of academia. The photos will develop at the same rate as the dawning realization that this is real life, rapidly encroaching, and they will never again be this young and suffused with ambition and hope. Smile!

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