Best Buy’s $1,600 HDMI cable makes angels cry, may invoke beast by accident

You know that thing you plug into your HDTV for better audio and pictures? The cable that you usually pick up at Amazon for like, $7.99?

Apparently, Best Buy thinks you should pay $1,650.99.

Behold, AudioQuest’s 26.3′ HDMI Cable, which has been tweeted 100 times an hour (or, by our sophisticated metrics, “hella much”) today:

AudioQuest - Coffee 26.3' HDMI Cable - White

"Coffee." Also comes in Carbon, Vodka, Cinnamon, Saffron, and Gentle Aubergine

Lest you think this is a mistake, or Mugabe-level price gouging on Best Buy’s part, $1,650 is the official retail cost for this item, according to AudioQuest:

So that we’re comparing diamond-encrusted apples to diamond-encrusted apples, the AudioQuest 2m/6.56′ Diamond HDMI cable is available on Amazon for $1,394.75.

$1,394.75, down from $1,395. Oh, the savings.

The Amazon reviews for the AudioQuest 6.56′ Diamond don’t seem terribly positive, with 16 suggested/related tags for “snake oil” and 13 for “waste of money,” which makes us happy because we didn’t realize people still knew what “snake oil” means.

"Audio Snake Oil" will be the name of my next ex-wife

The customer reviews on the Best Buy listing are even more — animated, with the finest, cheeriest vituperation that the Internets has to offer. Anon writes, “with picture quality of this magnitude, I wish there were some sort of vacuum attachment which would continuously drain money from my wallet. That’s the only thing close to a ‘fair trade’ for a cable like this.”

For the DL on why all HDMI cables are the same, read this CNET breakdown. And if you need free expert advice from witty, devastatingly attractive people on electronics or anything else, catch us at


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